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The phone system
for small businesses

One number works on your mobile, computer and office phone


Take control of your phone system.
Setup takes just a few minutes.
All the professional features you need.
Never miss a call again.


For only $19.99 a month , Howling Virtual Phone gives you the smart, professional features that meets your business needs.

Smart Caller ID

Knowing the number or name of the caller is not enough! With Smart Caller ID you will see a wealth of information about the caller, including their Linkedin profile, emails, tweets and prior contacts with your company. You’re already miles ahead when it comes to making that crucial sales pitch.

Smart Caller ID

Most people dislike leaving voicemail, but with smart voicemail, customers can easily leave you text messages instead, which means additional leads and happier customers. Check your voicemail from any location, and receive notifications in real-time.

Virtual Receptionist

Meet your office supercharged computerized secretary that never sleeps. Automatically routes customer calls to the correct department, plays music during hold, and switches to an automated message after office hours.

Never Miss A Call

Don’t be tied to your desk. Shock vPhone offers a complete suite of tools that allows you to be available at all times to handle those important calls, wherever you are. Receive calls on your desk phone, web and mobile with a work-only phone number, or click to set your calls.


Call Transfer

Transfer your calls before picking up or during the call.

Music on hold
During hold, your customers can enjoy pleasant music.
Smart Caller ID
View relevant customer information on callers, including tweets, and their Linkedin profile.
Smart Voicemail
Allow customers to leave you a text message instead of a voice message.
Business Phone Number
Use one office number from your desk phone, web or mobile.


Attended Call Transfer
Transfer calls after checking with the recipient that they are available.
Blind Call Transfer
Transfer an incoming call to another number/extension from the phone or web.
Quickly see if your colleagues are available.
Find Me
Call all your devices at once, ensuring you never miss a call.
Callers will be greeted with a different message when the office is closed. You can easily activate the night mode for holidays and when the office is closed early.
Missed Call Notification
See detailed info on any calls you missed.

Call Handling

Call Forwarding
One-click call forwarding from the web or on your mobile.
Ad-hoc Conference Call
Effortlessly add additional people to conference calls on the fly.
Contact List
One click dial for all of your business contacts.
Remote Call Pickup
Pick up a call ringing on another extension.
Do Not Disturb
Busy? Forward all your calls to your Smart Voicemail.


Call History
One central list for all calls, voicemail and calls recorded.
Call Recording
Playback all your calls for content and work efficiency.